Storytelling lives at the core of all Calculate services.

It is cultivated from extensive interviews with students, alumni, and faculty and showcases institutional success through the words and experiences of those whose lives have been transformed. It is authentic, peer-to-peer marketing on platforms where today’s students search for, and assess, colleges.

Where can your school use Storytelling?

  • Lead-Generating Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Traditional Recruitment Publications: Viewbooks, Travel/Search, Academic Program, Financial Aid, and other brochures
  • Email Communication Flows (inquiry, accept, yield phases)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Everywhere!

Ready to Stand out from the Crowd?

All Storytelling Services Include:

  • Strategy Meeting
  • Comprehensive interviews
  • Copywriting with revisions
  • Longform narrative
  • Shortform narrative
  • Quotes / Testimonials
  • Social Media Posts



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Calculate has done a phenomenal job of researching & writing recruitment brochures for the University of Maine. We consider them a major part of the team that has helped UMaine achieve record enrollment the past two years.
— Joel Wincowski, Interim VP for Enrollment Management, University of Maine
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