University of Saint Francis

University of Saint FrancisMarketing the Value of the Undergrad Experience


A Catholic university in the Midwest, the University of Saint Francis offers a distinctive liberal arts education. Interviews with numerous students and alumni show deep appreciation for the personalized learning environment, supportive faculty, extensive internships, Catholic values, and welcoming community.

In a world where all small private colleges promise the same, how best to market this comprehensive undergraduate experience?


Calculate created an extensive digital campaign centered on the following themes:

  • Quality of academics
  • Career success
  • Community life
  • Affordability
  • Transfer

Ad and landing page content was developed via a storytelling approach, using the words of current students and successful alumni to sell the authentic value of the undergraduate experience. Prospective students and parents were delivered ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads and via Programmatic Advertising.


The campaign ran 4 ½ months (October through February). It generated 20,989 clicks and the following actions:

  • 289 Primary (Direct) Leads: Completed forms and phone calls (sent to the Admissions team)
  • 484 Secondary Leads: These are actions taken by the user that show they want to learn more—clicks to the institutional website; clicks to apply, visit/tour
  • 1,396 Tertiary Actions: Clicks that show engagement via social media comments, reactions and shares


  • Cost per Click: $0.82
  • Cost per Action (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Actions): $7.91
  • Cost per Direct Lead: $59.36

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