Menlo College

Menlo CollegeMid-Year Transfer Campaign


Menlo College, an AACSB-accredited Business and Psychology institution in Silicon Valley, had a modest budget for a big goal: $7,300 to reach, engage and convert transfer students over the winter break.


Calculate created, built and launched a digital campaign on Meta, Google Ads, and via programmatic advertising. Campaign messaging featured the words and experiences of a current transfer student incorporated into the themes of:

  • Academic quality
  • Alumni success
  • Transfer scholarship
  • Campus life/Guaranteed housing


The 5-week campaign yielded 4,945 clicks with users taking the following actions:

  • 157 Primary (Direct) Leads: Completed forms and phone calls (sent to the Admissions team)
  • 443 Secondary Leads: These are actions taken by the user that show they want to learn more—clicks to the institutional website; clicks to apply, visit/tour
  • 265 Tertiary Actions: Clicks that show engagement via social media comments, reactions and shares


  • Cost per Click: $1.48
  • Cost per Action (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Actions): $8.44
  • Cost per Direct Lead: $46.51

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