University of Maine

University of MaineDigital Enrollment Campaign


This flagship state university experienced a dip in enrollment — not just to private institutions, but to other flagships in the region. Looking to expand messaging to new regions, the university needed a cost-effective way of targeting and reaching out-of-state students.


Calculate created a digital enrollment campaign centered on 24 academic programs, each including student, alumni, or faculty voices. We targeted in- and out-of-state prospects with messages selling academic quality & a new scholarship program.


The 13-week campaign contributed to the institution’s 37% increase in out-of-state enrollment.

  • Platforms: Facebook and Google Ads
  • Reach: Almost a half million unique users
  • Impressions: Over 6 million
  • Clicks to landing page: Over 21,000
  • Conversions (completed forms): 558

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