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Connecticut State Colleges & Universities: Health HorizonsStatewide and Program-Specific


In response to a critical shortage of nurses and social workers, the State of Connecticut created Health Horizons, a program designed to get professionals in the workforce. Comprehensive in scope, Health Horizons partnered with more than 30 public and private colleges to offer:

  • Tuition assistance to low-income and minority students in BSN, Psych NP, and MSW programs
  • Funds to recruit new faculty in order expand capacity by 1,000 additional students

The challenge entailed reaching specific target pools, including students eligible for the $10,000 tuition scholarship in the following categories:

  • Undergraduate nursing students enrolled in BSN and accelerated BSN programs
  • Graduate nursing students enrolled in Psych NP degree and certificate programs
  • Graduate MSW students enrolled in MSW programs

To recruit new faculty, the campaign needed to reach professionals: MSN-level nurses and MSW-level social workers throughout the State.


Calculate was hired to create and launch a comprehensive campaign that branded the program and reached the right prospects. We developed a state-wide campaign, which included the following tactics:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Digital Out-of-Home: Billboards, movie theatre lobbies, convenience stores, urban panels, and bus shelters
  • Connected TV
  • Spotify


The campaign ran from mid-September to mid-December with the following results. The goal was to disperse all scholarship funding and hire the allotted number of faculty within the fall semester: Goals achieved!

Social Media Marketing: Ads on Facebook and LinkedIn generated 1,871 actions, including:

  • 1,398 clicks to the State landing page
  • 473 clicks that show engagement via post comments, reactions and shares
  • Facebook: 33,375 clicks with a CTR of 2.68%
  • LinkedIn: 653 clicks with a CTR of .55%

Programmatic Advertising

  • Clicks: 4,656
  • CTR: 0.26%

Digital Out-of-Home

  • Plays: 43,258
  • CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions): $7.21

Connected TV

  • Video Completion Rate: 98.83%


  • Video Completion Rate: 95.82%
  • Clicks: 687
  • CTR: 0.09%


  • Cost per Click: $1.08
  • Cost per Action: $22.72

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