Using Social Media to Create Connections That Count

Sadly, your “likes” on Facebook, your thousands of Twitter followers, and your smiling Instagram fans don’t generate enrollment. Why? Because they’re already part of your community and pitching enrollment to them is akin to “preaching to the choir.”

Social media in and of itself does not increase enrollment, but it presents specific and targeted marketing options that, when integrated as part of your institution’s recruitment plan, can yield great results.

Calculate will help you

  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy that will build audience engagement and reach your ideal audiences
  • Market on social media channels to capture leads, build inquiries, and convert them
  • Cultivate content that tells your school’s story and attracts like-minded prospective students

Let social media work for your enrollment goals — through a blend of inbound, content, and digital marketing strategies — all with the goal of generating high-yielding inquiries and converting them to applicants

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