Digital Marketing for a Cost-Effective, High-Yield Search

We all know where to find prospective students — on the digital landscape, of course.

But getting a message in front of them can feel like a game of “whack-a-mole.” No sooner does a college or university figure out a particular digital platform, when students vacate it for a new one. It takes a specific expertise to market effectively on the digital landscape — and we have it. At Calculate, we reach prospects where they live. Our digital campaigns connect your institution — its programs and strengths — to like-minded students.

What we can do for you

Don’t waste your time cultivating everyone — instead, focus your energy on high-yield prospects — students whose goals and ambitions match your institution. Calculate will bring those students to you by employing specific digital strategies.

We will develop, implement, and monitor a targeted digital search focusing on all or any selected academic programs. We will create a campaign that is specific to your school, one that celebrates your institutional strengths.

How? By coming to campus, meeting with and interviewing key personnel, digging deep and finding the gems of truth that will sell your programs.


As a result, the campaign will:

  • Attract prospective students whose interests align with your school’s programs and culture
  • Convert them to applicants through specifically developed landing pages and calls to action
  • Move prospects into your admissions funnel

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